Baap Re Baap

Baap Re Baap is a Gujarati Movie that talks about a father and son’s relationship. Everything changes when the father loses his wife and son his mother. This makes both of them into depression. On the other hand, the son also loses his close friends and starts blaming the world for this. His nature brings a lot of issue within the family and now he is struggling to get everyone back he loves.

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Have Thase Baap Re

Have Thase Baap Re is a Gujarati Movie highlighting the major issue of the Generation gap. In fact, the movie is about a father and son who are facing dispute in their relation. Kiran Kumar (Father) loses her wife and his son is under depression which makes him aggressive in Nature. This later becomes a big problem. Hence, Rajeev decides to show his son that they all are equal and there is no generation gap. During this, they get to know each other.

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Short Circuit

Short Circuit is a Gujarati Movie which is directed by Faisal Hashmi. Whereas the movie stars Dhvanit Thaker as Sammy in the lead role. Sammy is an IT student who becomes a victim of a Scientist Evil Plan. This later involves Sammy’s Girlfriend and now he is fighting with the scientist to get her back. Whereas, the movie is doing great in the Gujarati Box Office and people have loved this unique concept.

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